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Private 2 Hour River Cruise | 16 Foot Boat

Quick Details

Two Hour Rental 16 Foot Boat | Up to 8 Passengers
Two Hour Rental (Early Bird Pricing) 16 Foot Boat | Up to 8 Passengers

Throw a pizza party while cruising the Chicago River!

Why take a tour with a bunch of strangers when you could throw a pizza party on a private pontoon boat for just you and your friends? Avoid the crowds and cruise with BBQ Pontoon instead!

When you rent a boat with us you’re the captain, so you can take in all of Chicago’s architectural wonders at your own pace and with whomever you want. We even give you a free pizza to cook while you sit back and relax during your Chicago pontoon rental. We also have free parking!

Our boat rentals provide the perfect experience to share with family, friends or guests from out of town. This is a unique way to see the city, and the views from the river just can’t be beat.

Reserve your pizza boat online today!

How it Works

  • All crew members must arrive 30 minutes prior to your cruise.
  • One free pizza comes with every cruise.
  • Additional pizzas are available for $10 each.
  • Boats are equipped with gas-fired pizza grills.
  • Only pizza can be cooked on the pizza grills.
  • Guests can bring their own pizzas, drinks and other light fare.
  • Complicated or greasy/messy foods are highly discouraged.
  • Beer, wine and spirits are allowed in moderation, but not for your skipper (driver)!
  • Boats are not allowed on Lake Michigan or to stop anywhere.
  • Skipper must be 21 and have a valid driver’s license and credit card.
  • Each person regardless of age counts toward maximum capacity.
  • Boat rentals are for two hours max.
  • Hourly and day rentals are not available.
  • Boats returned late and/or messy will be subject to additional fees.
  • Free Parking!
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